Monday, March 8, 2010

Has It Really Been 2 MONTHS????

Wow. Hard to believe it has been two months since the birth of our little miracle. She is precious just as the other four! We have had so fun with her. She seems to be doing okay with her heart problems, so far. She is tolerating everything so the cardiologist is still okay with watching her and waiting for surgery for 6- 12 months of age. Seems too good to be true still. We will never get over God's goodness to us! She is growing fast and weighs 10.5 lbs! And, just like her sisters, she is quite the "Mommy's Girl."
Matthew has been doing awesome in K5 homeschool, even when I couldn't devote very much or any attention to him. He is reading, adding and subtracting, telling time and counting money. It is getting harder and harder to keep him in with this great weather. He is the best big brother and really puts up with alot!
Aubrey is maturing, finally! She loves to make believe, esp. babies. She is always so quick to respond to Averie's cries, running to search for a pacifier or just try to calm her by talking to her. I love the bond she has with her.
Andrew....he is the busiest, most sarcastic, extremely curious little guy. He really comes out with some crazy stuff. He will be three next month and has already made up his first joke: "Why did the moo cow go across the road?...He wanted to get to the water!" The joke really was nothing to laugh at, but hearing him tell it had everyone in the suburban cracking up!
Maci is such a sweet baby! She is 18months old now. She is SUCH a sensitive little girl. She does not like to see anyone upset. If she thinks she is in trouble, she keeps repeating, "I love you, mommy." She is trying to potty train herself, I am not ready for that.
Don is still working as a machinist and is learning so much at the company he works for. It is definately a "blue collar" kind of job. He comes home SO filthy! I am usre he is exhausted too, but he never acts like he is. He does not stop until he is ready for bed. What a great daddy my kids have! (And I could not ask for a better husband!)
I am still staying pretty busy with appointments and homeschooling. With three kids seeing a cardiologist, two going to genetics, 4 to the dentist, 5 here and there to the pediatrician, myself to my post partum checkups...that is enough .
Our church is in the new building now and it has been awesome. We have seen a steady flow of visitors each week. We have a great location. There have been salvations and baptisms each week. It is such a beautiful auditorium and building. I need to get pictures!
Once again, Thank you for your many prayers for our family!
Ah Lord GOD! behold, thou hast made the heaven and the earth by thy great power and stretched out arm, and there is nothing too hard for thee: Jeremiah 32:17