Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Little Catch-Up

Not too much to blog about, that can be a good thing for us! I enjoy the "calm" and "drama-free" life, most of the time! The kids are all doing well. They are all looking forward to our California trip in 2 weeks. Flying by airplane will be a first for Andrew, Maci and Averie. Disneyland will be a first for everyone except for Don. That will be something I cannot wait to put on the blog when we get back!!! Andrew will be going back for a follow-up for Cardiology shortly after our trip, really dreading this one, fearing he may want to discuss surgery or cath. BUT, we did get a 2nd opinion recently at Andrew's original cardiologist and he thinks Andrew will be ok to not have surgery or any intervention for a while. If it seems serious with the present doctor, we will get a 3rd opinion, most likely at Children's in Little Rock, where he had his last surgery. Otherwise, everyone has been super healthy and just plugging along in their school work, getting good grades! I plan to start Andrew and Maci in a K program at home this fall. They get along the least, maybe being in K together will help them with this. We shall see! :-)

***I almost forgot, I put a link towards the bottom, it is a video I made that somewhat explains briefly our journey, so far, with CHD and SVT, the 3 kids' heart conditions.***
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