Wednesday, April 20, 2011

From A Household of 7 in 2011

Things haven't changed much in the last 4 months, the last time I blogged. Well, putting it that way, I guess they have! Averie is walking, well running now. She talks and talks, her mother! For a few months now, if you ask her ANY question, even "Are you married, or when are you going to college, or what is your name?" She ALWAYS answers, even if it is baby talk. It is as if she knows you are asking her a question. Averie and Maci share the same love of music and animals, especially dogs! These two are going to be very close, I hope.

Maci is still my most sensitive child. She gets her feeling hurt very easily and holds grudges like her grandma! (my mom!) She is still very shy at church, hiding behind me wherever I go. But she is a good girl, we don't ever have much trouble from her. And, she does not usually cause the trouble, she is not an instigator, we have enough of those, don't we Averie!

Andrew turns 4 in a about a week. Wow, what a story he is! Most certainly our most energetic child, pushes all of the limits, especially when it comes to talking back to his mother! I am reaping in this area, I was so bad at it myself. He is a very sharp thinker, always having some witty comment ready to fire! What a joy he has been to our family, just cannot figure out a way to put a silencer on his extremely LOUD burps, very embarrassing, but he acts like they are involuntary. Hmmm...

Aubrey is such a delightful little girl, I wasn't sure I would ever be able to say this! She gave us such big fits from the day she was born until about 18 months ago. But, she is so sweet and helpful. She and I will be best friends forever! She is doing such a great job in kindergarten, what an exremely good reader and also great at math. I couldn't be more proud.

Matthew is also doing well in school. Neither one of them have complained about having to do their work. (I am sure it is coming!!) He is also very good at math, has decent handwriting for a boy and enjoys reading as much as he has to. Actually, depends on the book, if it is something that interests him, he will not put it down! He is so creative, and loves to take things apart to put them back together, which is what his daddy did as a child. Guess that is why he is so handy now!

Don and I will soon be celebrating our 8th Wedding Anniversary. Wow, I had no idea marriage would be this awesome and I could ever love someone this much! He is the most generous and kind man I know. The kids could not ask for a better, more energetic and patient Daddy! I am so blessed! It was not an easy 8 years, starting with miscarriage of our first baby, then the 4 surgeries, so far, of our children, but he has been such a strong leader and example of trusting the Lord for me. I thank God daily, and more, for a wonderful, Godly husband.

Me...well, let's just say I am really enjoying not having any more babies! It was addicting, I won't lie, but, it has been great to have my energy back and to do so much more with the older ones, without having a fussy, nursing infant along. They have been patient dealing with it all, now it is time to just go have fun, big kid fun...camping, fishing, Disney(in a couple years), hiking, etc. Homeschooling is going great and we are not adding anyone this fall as Andrew is just turning 4, but will most likely add Andrew and Maci the following year together for kindergarten, FUN!!

As far as the kids' heart health: Andrew should be ok to wait several more years before his next surgery, providing his aortic valve and conduit go bad around the same time. He has shown no symptoms of heart failure. Averie should be ok for another year, hopefully a few years. She was not placed with a pulmonary valve, so as long as she tolerates this and her heart doesn't start doing anything funky, we should be ok to wait. It is being discussed soon between the cardiologist and surgeon.

Thanks for reading, especially those not on Facebook who still like to keep up with our family. Hope all is well with you all, also!
Ah Lord GOD! behold, thou hast made the heaven and the earth by thy great power and stretched out arm, and there is nothing too hard for thee: Jeremiah 32:17